Rural Internet

By High Mountain Farm, LLC

Installation Information

Our normal installation charge is $250. When special locations or circumstances are encountered the installation may cost more.

Our internet signal is beamed to your house and picked up by a small notebook sized rectangular antenna. From the antenna we run an Ethernet cable to your computer. At your option (and extra charge), we can run the cable to a wireless repeater allowing you to pick up our signal anywhere around your house.

In the event that your house does not have direct access due to location or trees, the antenna can be mounted on a nearby barn. Sometimes trees can be slightly pruned to provide the desired access.

For those who live in valleys without a direct view of the Bull Run Mountains, we can provide access by wirelessly relaying the signal from nearby houses. This relaying will not affect your speed. We are committed to providing access to anyone we possibly can. In some cases several neighbors will need to work together in order to properly relay the signal to the entire road or valley.

If you have a competent computer company or person that does your computer work, we may be able to provide them the necessary information so that they can do the installation for you.

When you call for installation, we will send an installer who will first do a site survey to determine the best way to provide you with access. They will discuss with you various antenna mounting options. This allows you to decide what will work best for functional and esthetic purposes.


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