Rural Internet

By High Mountain Farm, LLC

Choose the level of Link Beam Internet service based on your speed and budget needs. When making speed comparisons, note that our service does not have the inherent latency delays associated with satellite service. Speed doesn’t do you any good if you have to wait your turn to use a shared satellite link.

Residential Basic Plan $79 a month

Provides up to 10 Mbs uploads and downloads. That’s many times faster than dial up at its best. When you add up what you’re currently paying for a 2nd phone line and dial up service, you’ll find you actually save money with our service!

Residential Extra Plan $99 a month

For those families with many computers who want even more speed. Provides up to 50 Mbs downloads and uploads.

Small Business Plan $149 a month

Provides up to 80 Mbs and additional public IP’s for business with many computers and servers accessing the internet.


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